Escuela Libre de Derecho (Mexico City), 1984.
Member of the firm’s founding team De la Peza & Matuk Law Firm since 1985. An active partner since 1989.

He is currently Senior Partner and the Head Administrator of the firm.
His professional career begins as an Official in the Secretaria de Planeacion y Presupuesto (Budget Programming Secretariat); later he practiced mercantile and civil litigation.

He was certified in Real Estate by the Real Estate Professionals’ Mexican Association, and coursed several graduate courses at the Escuela Libre de Derecho, among them is the Legal Status of International Business and Real Estate Law in Mexico. He is a member of the Mexican Bar Association.

Currently Mr. Matuk heads the Firm's Corporate & Securities Area, focusing primarily on corporate, securities & civil issues; mercantile and trading law; specialized trusts; foreign investments; real estate investment and infrastructure projects. Under his lead the firm has an important practice serving the popular financial system.

Mr. Matuk’s participation is relevant as the Secretary of the Board of Directors and Executive Committees of various companies up to date, serving more than 25 active companies. He has also been appointed as Secretary of technical committees of various MX Trusts, as well as of other Boards and Associations.

Among other activities Mr. Matuk held the position as Chairman of the Board of the Lebanese Centre in 2005; and since 2006 he holds a seat on the Committee of the Lebanese Center Foundation. He’s also actively involved in altruistic activities and is Chairman of the Board of the Maka Weiner Association, I.A.P.