In our firm, litigation is a full-time practice. We represent the interests of our clients before local and federal courts, whose jurisdiction is in Mexico City and its surrounding states. Through our correspondents, we also litigate in other entities of the country. We have extensive experience in Arbitrations as well. As a result of our experience in litigation and in the management of high-risk trials, we study and implement the necessary strategies to resolve disputes which involve our clients. We conduct extensive studies and analysis to determine the adequate applicable law and jurisprudence. For this reason, we have achieved a high level of successful results; of course, an equally important factor is the combination of: our principles ethics, justice, responsibility, social commitment and high professional standards in the delivery of our services.


GThanks to our experience we have successfully participated in a wide variety of matters of civil nature, including: civil enforcements from various disputes and breach of all types of contracts and agreements, judgments related to property, re-installments, prescriptions and terminations, land delimitations, and construction, among other issues concerning the lease of properties.

We have extensive trial experience specializing in contractual responsibilities and arising from purely civil obligations (professional liability, liability for the use of mechanisms, instruments, appliances or hazardous substances, moral damages, etc.), mercantile (business responsibilities, management responsibilities, to the intellectual and industrial property, etc.) and also from government affairs.

We offer a law practice area in family rights, such as: parental control and relations (adoption, affiliation, recognition, and guardianship), family rights (food, patrimony), martial and family agreements, divorce; and inheritance trials..


We have extensive experience in litigation matters arising from commercial practices, including controversies in the securities and credit agreements fields, non-credit securities lawsuits, such as banking acceptances, commercial paper, financial notes, bonds, obligations, certificates of participation (ordinary, housing, or estate); redeemable or not; disputes arising from conflicts between companies and/or shareholders, disputes relating to the execution or termination of all types of commercial contracts and agreements, litigations in real estate developments and bankruptcy, among others.

We participate in litigations of financial matters, banking, securities, factoring, financial leasing, claims and insurance claims and bonding coverage, as well as representing funds, among others.


We have been involved in multiple civil and mercantile lawsuits before arbitral tribunals, whether administered by an institution or ad hoc; which has positioned us as a great option in the resolution of disputes on behalf/in favor of our clients. These achievements translate into high quality legal and moral procedures; we are also well known preserving the secrecy required.


We represent our clients' interests in administrative litigation, specializing in public procurement, whether national or international, as well as those arising from administrative contracts (in goods and/or services, public-private associations, PPS, infrastructure, etc.). As a result of the capacity and preparedness of our litigation team in civil, mercantile and administrative trials specialized in public tenders, Leasing Law, Public Acquisitions and Public Sector Services, and the Federal Law of Administrative Procedures, among others related to the topic.


We also litigate before the federal courts and before the Federal Supreme Court of Justice addressing issues of civil and mercantile nature. We also have extensive experience in the Federal Appeal Trials and Amparo Trials, as well as in other means of constitutional defense.