Ms. Pinon concluded her law degree with Honors at the Escuela Libre de Derecho (Mexico City), with her thesis entitled La Sociedad Financiera Popular en Mexico ante la Ley de Ahorro y Credito Popular, 2011 (The Popular Financial Entities in Mexico under the Popular Savings and Credit Law).

In 2007 she joined De la Peza & Matuk Law Firm; in 2010, by virtue of her strong performance she was invited to become a partner of the corporate area specializing in the area of ​​banking, securities, savings and loans.

She is a law advisor for several CEOs and Board Secretaries and Directors of various financial identities and associations related to the popular credit and savings sectors.

Ms. Pinon permanently serves legal services to various entities that are part of the financial system, which include: Funds, Popular Financial Entities, brokerage houses, Trusts and Associations.

Ms. Pinon is the author, and in process of publication, of the book: La Sociedad Financiera Popular en Mexico (The Popular Financial Entity).