The advisory we offer covers a wide range of corporate services: planning the establishment of structures for all kinds of companies and associations, including the preparation of bylaws, agreements between partners, and provisions for the protection of shareholders' rights and corporate schemes for corporate control. We serve a variety of entities, including specialized entities provided within the legislation.

We have extensive experience in handling corporate books and, in general, the corporate documents of our clients. Most members or affiliates of our firm are secretaries of various boards, executive committees, technical committees and, commonly, part of the administrative entities of our clients.


The statutory audit to the companies is highlighted as an important area of our business. Our practice has several purposes, in accordance to the customer needs.


We act as advisors of public and private entities, or individuals interested in the purchase or sale of national and international companies; also, practice has made us specialists in mergers, special acquisitions, joint ventures, and many other common implementation mechanisms the Mexican business world.

In mergers and acquisitions, our services include legal advice during the negotiation process in the purchase, sale, formalization of the joint venture or investment agreements of all kinds of companies and firms. Mainly, our advice is to conduct a legal audit of the company; to participate, together with financial experts, during the negotiation of the terms and conditions under which the transaction closes; and carry out the analysis, recommendations and implementation, regarding the proposed legal scheme in order to carry out the completion of the operation.


We constantly advise foreign investors wishing to establish themselves in Mexico, or only do business in our country. Similarly, we represent Mexican clients during the negotiation of investment projects abroad.

Note that, for the ease of our clients, many of our members in the firm are fluent in English and have the support of expert translators in almost all languages.


We are proud to be the only Mexican firm that has worked closely in coordinating and advising Mexico's participation in the two major international fairs organized in the early twenty-first century: Expo 2000 Hannover (Germany) and Aichi Expo 2005 (Japan).


Our firm has extensive experience in the popular financial services sector.

We participated in the creation of the first Savings and Loan Company in the country: and to this day, we advise the most important entities in this sector, constituted under the Popular Financial Corporation or Savings and Loan Cooperative, either directly or through their business associations.


We assist our clients in the negotiation and implementation of real estate projects. We cover the acquisition or disposition of property or household type of mega real estate development. We prepare all required documentation for legal support; if necessary, we offer support to third parties (professionals in each of their areas) for the aspects of location, property valuation and property brokerage.


We have developed and used the versatility of the Mexican Trusts, designing and structuring fiduciary operations of all kinds. This enables us to maintain ongoing relationships with various institutions providing fiduciary service and implement many of the trusts created by the Mexican government for the development of national and international projects.


In the area of ​​public tendering, we advise our clients during all stages comprising procurement procedures and the filing of defenses necessary as a consequence of such procedures. The advice we provide in these areas includes participants and bidders in these processes, as well as the federal, state and municipal departments and agencies as main buyers.